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Frequently Asked Questions About Fractional Sales Management and One-On-One Coaching for Owners and Sales Managers.

Owner and Sales Management Coaching

Yes. We can also help assess if we think they are the right person for the role. Contrary to popular belief, some good salespeople can become good managers and still sell, but they need training and guidance. It’s very rare one can just make it work on their own. 

It usually takes 3-6 months depending on your time availability to put in the work. During implementation, there is always more work to be done setting your systems up so you spend less time managing later. A key component of using this system is to manage effectively while using less of your time.

The cost is $2500 a month. We have weekly work and coaching sessions to develop your systems and process for a Part-Time Sales Management System. We are also available for questions in between meetings via email or phone. The more time you can put in between our sessions the faster your system will be complete.

We meet for an hour each week in what I call a work session. We focus on putting together your process and systems to allow you to manage your sales team effectively Part-Time. We will build sales processes, create job descriptions, design your CRM and more during our meetings. In between the meetings you will finish work we start or start additional projects. We work through the Five Elements of The Part-Times Sales Management System. The faster you work the less time you spend. 

Our owner or sales manager coaching is focused on implementing our Part-Times Sales Management System. Since the owner or manager usually has other responsibilities the role of sales management is part-time. Learning the tools and approach will make any manager better at managing multiple groups more effectively. 

PTSM is how we manage at Sales Manager Now. Our business model works when we can have sales teams performing at a higher level in less management time. All our management efforts result in people selling more. The specifics are all spelled out in our book, Part-Time Sales Management. In a nutshell, the system is designed around five key elements: Beliefs, Expectations, Accountability, Meetings, and Conversations. 

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