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Why am I here?

Why am I here?

Have you ever asked that question of yourself as a salesperson or as a sales manager?  Have you heard that negative voice inside and felt a little self-doubt when you were with a customer (or client)?  I’m sure all of us with any selling experience have—in some form or fashion—asked our self, “Why am I here?”. 

Earlier in my career at a national sales meeting, our division president was presenting to our entire sales and marketing teams.  He was specifically addressing the feelings that we sometimes have of insecurity and self-doubt around our customer interactions.  His point was this: They know why you’re there!  The table is set.  That customer expects you to ask them questions, detail a product, offer solutions and ask for an order.

You are a professional.  Regardless of what your customer might be thinking, you know exactly why you are there.

Perspective is everything

Think of it this way – you have an appointment with a doctor.  When the doctor comes into the room, you expect the doctor to give you an assessment, some advice or a diagnosis.  You know why they’re there!  Some appointments are better than others, but patients know why the doctor is there.  Likewise, customers know why you are there.  (Luckily, most sales calls aren’t life or death, which should help calm the nerves.)  Perspective is everything.

Now, think of yourself in your selling situation.  Your customer knows why you’re there.  Like a doctor – be confident, it’s expected, it’s your job.  Embrace that fact as you move forward into your sales conversation to uncover a problem or need and offer a remedy. 

Focus on what will happen

Don’t forecast and worry about ‘what if’ this or that will happen.  Prepare, plan and be confident for ‘what will’ happen.  Successful people constantly visualize themselves in a favorable, winning position!

Unease is part of the job

Understand that there will always be a certain amount of discomfort or maybe some uneasiness leading up to or within a sales interaction—and certainly some leeriness, skepticism or even balking on the other side of the sale.  That’s OK.  A healthy amount of anxiety is always normal…ask any athlete or performer.  As uncomfortable or doubtful as you may be surrounding a potential sale, remember, they know why you’re there

You’re a sales professional, embrace your role willingly and clearly.  If you find yourself wondering “Why am I here?”, use your natural adrenaline, passion, skills and knowledge, and remind yourself that your customer knows why you’re there.  You earned it.

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