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Meeting and Exceeding Goals

Between setting goals and attaining them lives a mindset that will increase or decrease your chances of meeting and exceeding goals. If you learn how to manage this one thing your winning percentage on set goals will increase. It’s time to Shut the Backdoor!

If you’re not meeting and exceeding your goals or you’re leaving room for not doing your best, it may be time to shut the backdoor. As an example, I remember doing a series of weekly workshops on Monday nights. There was this young man who had a door-to-door sales job. He moved a lot of product every day. His company had sales records that they kept track of. This young man was a good producer, although he’d never hit 70% of the weekly record. But he had had a good Monday. Because of that, he said to us, “I just want to let everyone know that I’m breaking the record at my company this week!”

Shut the Back Door on Your Decisions

He had shut the backdoor on his decision. He put it out there knowing that the following Monday, he was going to be back in that same room. Consequently, he knew some of us would be watching and waiting to see what happened. That following Monday he came in with a big smile and a lot of joy. He stood up and said, “I did it!” I remember this well because that young man was me.

There was something different about that week because I just knew my goal was going to be accomplished. Likewise, when I decided to write my book, “Part-time Sales Management,” it was already done in my mind. However, I wasn’t trying to write a book or to see if I could write a book. And I didn’t know how it was going to come together because I had never written a book before. But I knew I was going to do it. It took me five years but it got done.

Similarly, I remember asking my wife to marry me. In my mind we would be in for life. It’s been 37 years and we’re still loving it. We shut the backdoor on that decision.

Shut the Back Door on Your Commitments

I’m not telling you this to go to your salespeople and make them be resolute and make sure they shut that backdoor. I’m telling you this because I want you to look at yourself and ask, “Are you closing the back door on your commitments and your leadership approach to your team? Will you be there for them when they need you? Will you commit to preparing your sales meetings properly? Are you committed to getting them the tools and resources they need to get the job done? Are you committed to your job? Is that back door closed?”

You’re no longer going to be saying, “I’m doing my best. I’ll try harder.” No, you’re setting the example of what gets said, gets done. Shut the back door. Once you do that, your team is going to follow you and you’ll be better at asking them if they’re ready to shut the back door.

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Rene is the President of Sales Manager Now, a company that provides fractional sales management services to small and family-run businesses. He has twenty-seven years of experience in sales leadership, coaching, and consulting. He is also the author of the Part-Time Sales Management handbook and is based in Auburn, California.

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