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How We Work

A Shared Fractional Sales Manager Model

What makes our model work, is we leverage the ability and capacity of a professional sales manager among a group of businesses in a shared sales manager model which is becoming known as Fractional Sales Management. Most small businesses don’t require a full-time sales manager, and most professional sales managers are looking for a challenge larger than leading one small sales team. Our model has created a challenge for the sales manager by managing multiple teams. That manager then provides the sales leadership a small business needs to grow to its potential at an affordable cost. It’s not much different than what happens at corporations with one manager leading several teams in different locations.

shared sales manager model

Our Fees

Sales Management Approach

When you hire us we become part of your team. We work with you and your management team as well as the salespeople. The process is dynamic, and sales activity will not be negatively affected as we implement new strategies, processes, and systems. Our aim is twofold as we work. While we focus on making early sales increases, our long-term play is to build a sales department that has a winning culture with systems that support sustainable growth while increasing business value.


Within the five elements of our approach, the following will be taken care of:

  • Clear understanding and alignment with the company business plan
  • Individual sales plans are developed along with updated job descriptions
  • The compensation plan is evaluated to align with goals, profit, and the marketplace
  • The sales process is defined so it can be duplicated
  • The CRM system is aligned with the expectations and sales process
  • Reporting is developed to provide an accountable environment
  • Weekly sales meetings, monthly one-on-one meetings, and impromptu meetings are conducted throughout the month
  • An open line for phone calls and emails all month long
  • Education to improve selling skills and product knowledge
  • Coaching conversations that challenge and encourage your salespeople
  • Strategic conversations with ownership to work toward the future
  • The hiring of new team members
  • Addressing poor performance and letting team members go if needed
  • Owner progress reports and/or meetings

You can find specifics of the services we perform in the Services Menu.


We only find success when you find success. If, for any reason, our clients are not satisfied with the results of our work, the contract can be canceled upon notice. Fees or services will be adjusted to arrive at client satisfaction.

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