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Part-Time Sales Management


“You don’t need to spend a lot of time with salespeople to realize improvement, but you need to invest your time in the right places and in the best manner. I’ve been managing groups of small business sales teams since 2006 in a manner that realizes growth by devoting 10-20 hours a month with each team. To be effective and to serve more clients, I needed to be systematic. My systems and approach are now assembled for you to take back to your company. Part-Time Sales Management will provide you the steps and process to build your sales team in 10-20 hours a month that will do more than increase sales; it will build the value of your business.”

– Rene Zamora, Author, and Founder of Sales Manager Now

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What experts are saying about Part-Time Sales Management

“Rene Zamora truly understands the mindsets and practices of owners and their sales teams, what works and what doesn’t. PartTime Sales Management is a refreshing and invaluable sales management handbook specifically for small business owners. The insights, processes and tools are simple and practicaland they work! Most books spend too much time explaining what sales management is! Rene teaches business owners and their sales teams how to effectively manage themselves to reach their sales goals.”

Jim Horan, President and Author, The One Page Business Plan Company

“Small business owners finally have a system to manage sales in just 10to20 hours a month with a sales management time matrix, checklists, and implementation plans. Rene Zamora’s book is packed with examples, strategies, and tools—a stepbystep process for business owners to build their sales teams into consistent revenue producers. If you want to manage sales and were over-whelmed, this is the book for you.”

Joanne S. Black, Founder, No More Cold Calling®

“Not only does Rene Zamora bring a wealth of experience to his new book, PartTime Sales Management, he’s a man of character who has a sincere desire to help small business owners better manage their sales force. Trust is a big part of sales and I trust that Rene will bring the right insights to serve your needs.”

Larry Julian, author of God is My CEO, God is My Success, Five Bold Choices and God is My Coach

“A great resource for sales managers and full of tips for boosting sales and growing small businesses.”

Alex Hiam, author of Marketing for Dummies

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