Contract Sales Management for Small Businesses

My name is Rene Zamora and I am the founder of Sales Manager Now. The concept of bringing professional contract sales management services to small businesses evolved through my own professional experience. My twenty-seven years of sales and sales management experience combined with a small business training and consulting practice birthed Sales Manager Now.

The initial vision was two-fold. First, bring high-level sales management experience to progressive small businesses at an affordable fee. Secondly, make it possible for professional sales managers like myself to work with small business and escape the corporate environment. With the publication of Part-Time Sales Management, a sales management guide for owners who manage their small business sales team that vision has expanded. We now support small business not only through sales management but also through the coaching of owners who care to work our Part-Time Sales Management system.

The most significant reason we work with small businesses is we like being part of a team. We care about each client and team and enjoy being part of your struggles and successes. If you watched the movie, Jerry McGuire, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, we focus on fewer clients and provide more personalized attention.

Explore the information and resources we’ve provided to better determine if Sales Manager Now might be a good fit for your sales management needs. If you are interested, contact us and ask for an introductory consultation.

I wish you the best,

Rene Zamora
Founder and Author