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Published Media by Rene Zamora, Founder and President of Sales Manager Now

Part-Time Sales Management – Book (Publised July 2018)
For Small Business Sales Teams: Author – Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

Part-Time Sales Management is a how to guide and implementation tool on how to effectively lead a small business sales team in 10-20 hours a month. It was written with the small business owner in mind to provide one of the following:

  1. The know how and time approach to be effective in the limited time available to lead your sales team and run the business.
  2. To provide understanding what you should expect in a sales manager you hire. 
  3. Or…to undestand how Sales Manager Now manages sales teams if you are evaulating our services. 

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Let’s Talk Sales with Elizabeth Frederick (September 2022)

In this episode, we cover:

  • What exactly fractional sales management means
  • How fractional sales management is unique
  • When to bring in a fractional sales manager
  • Why sales teams can benefit from fractional management

…And so much more!

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Predictable Revenue Podcast with Collin Stewart (September 2022)

Want to know how to become a motivational sales leader?

I had the opportunity to be a guest at the @Predictable Revenue podcast, where I share my best tips to keep your outbound sales team motivated and maintain drive as a sales leader. 

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The Selling Well Podcast with Mark Cox (September 2022)

Rene Zamora joins Mark Cox on the Selling Well Podcast to discuss the challenges of Sales Management, especially related to small and mid size companies.

Topics Discussed with Mark Cox include:

Who Rene Zamora is. What fractional sales management is. How to attract the right sales talent. How to help CEOs build their sales team.  What competencies are they looking at and their core focus. The top trends and big issues in sales. Coaching team members who need help developing professionally. What opportunity coaching is and how it works. How to reach out and start working with Rene.

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The Kind Boss (November 2020)

In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel, speaks to Rene Zamora, founder of Sales Manager Now and author of Part-Time Sales Management for Small Business Sales Teams.

In this interview, you will learn about: Outsourced sales and marketing strategies · The effective role a part time sales manager can play in your business · The benefits of outsourcing sales management · Tips to improve small business sales.

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The B2B Revenue Executive Podcast (August 2020)

Rene speaks with Chad Sanderson at B2B Revenue Executive about how to increase your SMB’s Sales Effectiveness.

Rene has seen a lot of small businesses struggle with sales teams.  There are several reasons why, but Rene says there’s good news…You can fix all of them.  Chad Sanderson

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Steven Norman, Growth Acumen Podcast (July 2020)

Rene and business leader, Steven Norman, join forces to discuss topics related to small business, sales management and working remotely.

Key Points of our Discussion:

  • Rene’s early sales career and transition into his own business
  • How a good manager can insulate you from company challenges
  • The challenges small businesses have setting up their sales structure
  • The concept of virtual sales management
  • How virtual sales management works
  • The value proposition for small businesses
  • The power of delegation to your sales team vs micromanaging
  • The importance of building trust with your team
  • Top tips on working remotely

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Darrell Amy, Revenue Growth Podcast (May 2020)

In today’s conversation Rene and Darrell explore the critical role of sales management. Rene helps solve the sales management dilemma faced by small companies where the owner needs to play the role of a sales manager. Rene identifies five core elements of sales management and builds them into a practical system. These ideas are great for small businesses and are also very applicable to anyone in a full-time sales management position.

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Tersh Blissett, Service Business Podcast (March 2020)

Rene joins Tersh Blissett on Service Business Podcast.  They discuss virtual sales management and also touch on Service-Minded Selling.

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Mark Raffan, Negotiation Ninja Podcast (May 2020)

Rene Zamora joins Mark Raffan to share his spin on negotiation with sales leadership. Take a look at the outline below.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:13] Rene’s background in sales management
  • [2:47] Do good sales people make good managers?
  • [3:47] The major challenges sales managers face
  • [4:54] THE basic selling tool: conversation
  • [7:31] Manage your internal negotiation
  • [9:40] What if you don’t have experience?
  • [15:14] How to manage your sales team
  • [17:56] Clear and consistent communication
  • [21:23] Procurement: how to connect with salespeople
  • [23:38] It begins and ends with conversation skills

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Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate – Radio (April 2020)

Rene Zamora joins Jim Blasingame to offer his professional advice on managing a sales team during and after the pandemic, including communicating tips, regular meetings, and blending fundamentals with the new regular going forward.

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Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer – Podcast (February 2020)
Great Sales Managers Focus on Results Instead of Hours – The 5 Pillars to Magical Sales Management – Guest: Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown, Growth Experts Podcast (February 2020)
3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Are Holding Back Sales- Guest: Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

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Franchising USA Magazine (February 2020)
Put Down The Pom-Poms: Moving Past The Cheerleader Approach to Sales Management by Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

Operating a franchise is no different from running other types of companies where sales growth is the lifeblood of business success. If the sales team can’t close deals consistently, ultimately the doors will close. From a sales management perspective.

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Business Insights Online Magazine (February 2020)
Rewire You’re Motivation Approach: Finding Better Ways To Inspire The Sales Team by Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

Research has proven that money as an employee motivator ranks low, while camaraderie, desire to do a good job, and recognition are more critical factors. So when it comes to sales teams, why are financial incentives the first consideration when a team’s motivation needs a boost?

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The TJB American Business Magazine (November 2019)
Innovation in Sales Management: Sharing a Sales Manager by Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

The concept of shared sales management, while far from the standard, represents an opportunity for smaller companies to approach sales leadership innovatively to achieve the revenue and growth goals they seek. For traditional CEOs, this business model might be a big leap.

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Manufacturing Today Magazine Article Cover Image

Manufacturing Today Magazine Article –  (September 2019)
Building the Sales Team – Look for Doubles Hitters Instead of Homerun Bashers by Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

Rather than look for that “sales superstar” who may hit the occasional eye-catching home run but otherwise can be disruptive in the clubhouse and less than ideal team player, consider another approach. Staying with the sports theme, why not develop the bench strength and turn them all into solid producers who may one day become stars themselves? 

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Puplished on LinkedIn (August 2019)
Every Business is Perfectly Designed for Its Sales Results by Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

For better or worse every business realizes the results they are designed for. No matter how much someone wants to argue or blame the results away, the results are a collective effort founded in the design of how the company operates. How the efforts of each individual and department are designed will produce the results the business lives with. So it is with sales.

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Podcast – B2B Revenue Leadership, by Brian G. Burns (January 2019)
Lead and Manage Remotely and Keep The Team Focused – Guest: Rene Zamora, President & Founder of Sales Manager Now

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