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You’re Paying Your Sales People HOW MUCH?

The HOW MUCH in this blog title could be describing overpayment or underpayment of your sales team. Where does your pay plan fall? Are you paying your sales people too much or could it be you are under paying them? Creating a sales pay plan isn’t terribly difficult but it’s trickier than finding a simple salary range for non-sales positions. I’ll answer the two most common questions asked of me regarding sales play plans. (1) How much should I pay my sales people? and (2) How should I structure the pay plan?

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Sales Manager Evaluation

I have received a number of searches seeking sales manager evaluation criteria. Here is a list to consider in your hiring and evaluation process. In addition we have a Sales Environment Assessment you might consider. It takes 5 minutes and you’ll receive a report on how to improve your sales culture. You can find it here. 

 LEADERSHIP – How effective is the sales manager at providing leadership for their sales team and department? To what degree is the team working toward long and short term goals?

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