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Sales Manager Evaluation

I have received a number of searches seeking sales manager evaluation criteria. Here is a list to consider in your hiring and evaluation process.

 LEADERSHIP – How effective is the sales manager at providing leadership for their sales team and department? To what degree is the team working toward long and short term goals?

STRATEGIC – How effective is the manager at providing strategic directions and approaches that can be duplicated and produce more cost effective results?

COACHING – How effective is the managers’ coaching techniques with the sales people? Are sales people improving their selling ability and results?

SYSTEMS – To what degree does the sales manager develop and implement systems that help drive business, monitor progress and allow for ownership to evaluate the department?

MOTIVATION – To what degree does your sales manager provide motivation directly or indirectly to the sales team?

EXPECTATIONS – How effective is the sales manager at providing clear expectation to the sales people that are aligned with the business goals?

EDUCATION – To what degree is the education the sales manager provides improving the sales team?

TRAINING – How effective is the direct or indirect training the sales manager provides to the team?

CAMARADERIE – Does the sales manager provide camaraderie for your team and if so is it resulting in more teamwork and improved sales?

ACCOUNTABILITY – To what degree is there accountability among the sales people?

RECOGNITION – Does the sales manager provide or facilitate recognition that results in a stronger sales person and team?

REPORTING – Does the sales manager receive and provide reports that allow for effective management and improved sales of the sales department?

FORECASTING – How reliable are the sale forecasts produced by the sales department?

SALES RESULTS – How effective is the sales team at achieving the company sales targets?

PROJECTS – How has the sales manager done at completed assigned projects?

COOPERATION – How cooperative is the manager with the other managers in the organization?

You can easily put these into a rating scale format from 1-10 if you prefer. A sales manager should not only be measured by what he/she does but how effective their work is through their team and in conjunction with the long term goals of the company.

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