Hiring a Sales Management Consultant Can Be Easy, Affordable and the Right Thing to Do

Hi, I’m Rene Zamora, founder of Sales Manager Now, and since 2006 we’ve been relieving small business owners in North America from sales team frustrations while managing their teams to more success. The main reason most small businesses don’t have a sales manager is they don’t have enough work for them to do or enough sales revenue to justify the salary. In addition, it’s hard to find someone you can trust.

Your sales team does not have to be a weak link in your business. Sales managers exist because they specialize in helping sales people be their best. If you don’t have a strong sales manager, it’s safe to say your sales people are not performing to their potential. Sales Manager Now provides this expertise at less than 50% of what the market pays sales managers.

Hiring a Sales Management Consultant doesn’t have to be risky. Since we are Sales Management Consultants and not employees you don’t have the same government hoops to jump through or taxes to pay. We’ve built our business by earning time with clients month in and month out. No sticky contracts you can’t get out of.

If you’re frustrated with sales people and all that goes along with the sales team, don’t give up on them. I understand how you might feel when you can’t find and hire the right salesperson or when sales people don’t hit their targets and when other departments gripe about the team. It’s easy to allow a negative attitude to take root. When the right management approach is worked in with our clients, many owners begin to see the possibilities that exist in the team, rather than the issues.

Whether you’re looking for a Sales Manager Now or a few tips to help you manage on your own a good place to start is by requesting a free copy of our management approach: “How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team”

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Sales Management GuideAre you ready to have your team perform consistently?

It’ll take some work but we’d love to help you get there. This Free Sales Management Guide, How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team is a blue-collar get-to-work approach, written in bullet point fashion so you can get to the business of building your improved team.

Managing sales to higher results is not a mystery. It requires the right structure, people and leadership to make it work. The free guide will provide you eleven must-have components to build a dynamic sales team.

In addition, you’ll receive our paper “85 Motivational Ideas to Increase Sales”. If you’re looking for new ideas, this should keep you busy.

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