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Sales Management Consulting Services

Fractional Sales Management

We provide our Sales Management Consulting Services primarily as Fractional Sales Managers for privately held small businesses. We take this approach rather than ala carte service projects to lead the implementation of improvement plans and new initiatives. A major killer of time and loss of trust in a small business is a “Failure to Implement” improvement ideas and initiatives. We can draw you up a new process, but if the patience, time, and know-how to effectively motivate salespeople to change habits has not existed in the company, the chances are low they will suddenly appear. Companies can often waste money on a sales management consulting project that does not get implemented. Even worse, when Failure to Implement a plan occurs, a company will double down on another consultant with the same results. 

When we become a small business’ sales manager, we design improvement processes, systems, and staff recommendations we are hired to implement. In addition, when we step into your company and culture, we don’t rush into drawing up plans and processes we use somewhere else. We take the first 30 days to “Get in Step” with our new client company. In the next 30 days, we tune-up or create processes to implement better, which is one of our strengths. Our outside-the-company perspective helps us improve individual salespeople, the sales department, and the company. We are your Sales Manager and your Sales Management Consultant. 

When you hire Sales Manager Now to become your Fractional Sales Manager, you sign up for all the following services.


Sales Leadership Coaching

In addition to our Fractional Sales Management Service, we also provide business owners and sales managers coaching in implementing our Part-Time Sales Management system. We have perfected the “Part-Time Sales Management” system and have documented in the book titled the same, by Rene Zamora, our Founder, and President. 

Business owners managing their sales team need to carve out a “part” of their monthly schedule to lead the team. They are practicing Part-Time Sales Management. Salespeople that are still carrying a sales goal while leading the sales team are in the same position. They are practicing Part-Time Sales Management. Our system can have you managing your sales team in 10-20 hours a month. To be successful in the Part-Time Sales Management system will require changes in processes and one’s leadership approach. Identifying what changes are needed and providing accountability to make the changes is where the coaching helps. You can read the book, but we would simply read a book each week if a change were easy. If you find yourself in this situation, we can provide sales management consulting services in the form of coaching to help you implement our system and make the adjustments you might need to manage your team in 10-20 hours a month. 

In addition to all the services categories listed above, we would also focus on the following areas in coaching owners and sales managers. 

  • Belief in Your Sales People That Will Support Growth
  • Facilitating Sales Meetings That Help Salespeople Sell More
  • Conversations with Salespeople That Demonstrate You Care
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