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Sales Team Coaching and Development

Effective coaching helps people develop personally and professionally

Coaching is a part of management that is overlooked or pushed aside as managers/owners are bogged down with administrative or operational duties. The most successful athletes and business people are using coaching more than ever before to be the best they can be. Quality coaching can help salespeople perform better as well. All our sales management consultants provide individual and team coaching and development as part of our service.

What You’ll Get 

Coaching takes place during weekly meetings, impromptu communication, and at month-end when reports are reviewed and sales are managed. Each salesperson has a monthly one-on-one with their sales manager to review their Individual Sales Plan progress and decide on action items to maintain momentum or improve their course. Our coaching approach will address the following areas to help salespeople find answers to support their improvement.

  • Identify areas of poor habit and replace them with more productive and effective service-minded selling practices.
  • Reinforce good habits and practices to strengthen and be used more often.
  • Teach new methodologies or fresh ways to attain sales targets.
  • Active listening to salespeople’s concerns, struggles, and victories in a way that builds loyalty and trust.
  • Role-playing, teaching, and collaborative solutions focused on improvement.
  • Challenge the salespeople to continually improve and not be satisfied.

In addition to our scheduled meetings our service model allows for off meeting calls, emails and additional meetings to handle more urgent needs. We don’t work by the hour, we work toward results. After all, that’s what we are ultimately judged by.

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Our Philosophy

We view coaching as an opportunity to stretch and empower each salesperson. Where there are times we are teaching skills or improving messaging our approach when it comes to decisions is to allow the salesperson to make those. We want to develop a salesperson's instincts and decision-making so they can be better equipped to maneuver successfully on their own. We never want to create a dependency on us as their sales manager to meet their expectations of winning business. One of our mantras is to not make decisions we have hired other people to make. 


Here are quotes from salespeople referencing one-on-one coaching sessions.

Our meetings are run in a way that I can quiet the noise of life and focus on “what I want to become”. Some days I think of how I can turn a bad sales situation into a good one. Other days I think of how I can be a better Father or Husband. All this made possible because the intention is about becoming better today than yesterday.

What I learned to appreciate, was how my manager presented his ideas and practices for me to choose to implement. I could say he challenges me, but what he really does is help me challenge myself. 

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