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B2B Sales Tips – Service-Minded Selling Articles

Sometimes all we need is a little information to get us over the hump or onto the next level. Each article is written concisely with practical how-to’s. Feel free to download and use it in your sales efforts.

Service-Minded Selling Fundamentals
Beliefs, Practices and Skills

Importance of a Sales Manager
Eleven ways a sales manager contributes to sales team success

High Pay-off Activity
How to invest your time

Letter of Understanding
Confirming you understand emotional buying motives

Understanding a salesman’s beliefs, goals and values

No One Sale Matters
How to hear yes more by being willing to hear no

Nothing more than friendly conversations

Mining Your Customer Base
Finding diamonds in your backyard

Ask and you shall receive

Hiring Process
Don’t let your instincts fool you

Sales Profile
How to predict future sales behavior

Leverage Your Beliefs
Changing a belief will change behavior (written for consultants)

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