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How Clients Benefit With Contract Sales Management by Sales Manager Now

Our industry is in great turmoil with Obama Care and our people needed some back to basics help. Rene Zamora guided them to focus on the right kind of goal planning, applying it to their daily sales processes, and reviewing it regularly in a meaningful and helpful way. He also instructed our adaptation to the monumental change we encountered in a way that avoided panic. Our efforts and success in the re-defined world of health insurance as we now know it has a lot to do with Rene’s assistance and insights. I would recommend Rene to anyone who wants to get better sales people that have good habits.

Craig Gandy
Regional Manager
Rogers Benefit Group Sacramento

Inflow hired Sales Manager Now to assist in the creation and management of a sales and marketing team. They worked with us to establish our long and short-term goals, build a plan, and execute on measurable goals and objectives. Our sales revenue increased over 30% from 2010 to 2011. Furthermore, Rene was instrumental in helping us select, design, and implement our new Salesforce CRM system. Rene sought to truly understand our business, align the technology with our business needs, and document all of our sales processes. I highly recommend Sales Manager Now for your organization.”

Travis Dillard
Inflow Communications


“Rene Zamora has a firm grasp on what it takes to train,
motivate and direct people to do their best. Having had the pleasure of
working with Rene on various projects I consider him a leader in a crowded
industry. We are fortunate to have Rene on our team and look forward to a
long lasting relationship with him.”

Rick Weidner
Weidner Architectural Signage


Sales Manager Now has helped us develop a well-trained and well-prepared sales team. The sales processes that SMN has helped create have given us a competitive edge in the marketplace. SMN is an easy choice for small business owners who need a professional sales manager to help grow their business, but can’t afford a full-time sales manager on staff. Our sales pipeline is growing, revenues increasing, and we couldn’t be more impressed with SMN and the services they provide.

Aren Magnussen
Owner/Operations Mgr.
Interwest Communications


We are a large service company in Dallas, Texas who has grown without a sales force or sales experience. This works fine in our Locksmith Division but not so regarding other security products and services we are now offering. Unsure of how to hire and build a sales team, we were open to help. Sales Manager Now was referred to us by a close associate, Bill Terry of Genesis Network in August of ’06. We started on a 6 month trial basis asking them to build a security (CCTV) sales department. By the end of the trial we built a small productive sales force without taking much time and effort away from our fast paced company. Rene continues to stay in close contact with our sales force and team leader and gives the correct advice through every sale as needed.

As of today we have just signed a new contract for 18 months with Sales Manager Now to manage and grow our CCTV and Alarm direct sales teams from 7% to 20% of our company revenue.

Matt Agee
General Manager
A-1 Locksmiths and Security


I met Rene Zamora over the phone last year when my company hired him on to help nurture me into a sales rep and manager. I was only a few years out of college and had little experience in the sales field. Rene quickly assessed that I had much to learn and placed me on a great success regimen which I live by today. Through the course of my training, Rene coached me in areas ranging from technique, cold calling, CRM software management, building rapport, selling strategies, marketing, and customer partnerships. With our weekly meetings, phone calls in the field, and endless emails, Rene truly walked me down a path of success for business to business sales. I gained priceless knowledge during the sales process of how to coach a sales rep and learn quickly from my mistakes.

Mike Schneider
Security Consultant
A-1 Security Group


I contracted with Sales Manager Now to help me grow my CPA practice. I found it effective to set aside time to be walked through my business planning sessions. I accomplished much more than doing it on my own. My sales manager, Rene served as a facilitator, mentor and guide to me and my business. During our coaching sessions many key points would surface as well as new ideas to try through brainstorming. By the end of each session, I knew what I had to do and how to do it. Being held accountable to me and Rene added just enough pressure to help me get things done. My business grew 20% more than my original stretch goal which seemed to high at the time I made it.

Rosa M. Cruz, CPA


Through Rene’s help and his well versed knowledge we were able to develop and document a plan to get my practice back on track. A significant part of that plan was changing my mindset from that of a “Seller” to one of “Being of Service”. This change of attitude, developed through close one on one coaching with Rene, has generated significant early yardage in my firm. After our first year working together it made financial sense to continue with an ongoing relationship.

Mark Dashkewytch, Principal
The Dash Group
Alberta, Canada


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