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Use the Discovery Meeting Form and Have Your Sales Team Take Control of Selling Situations!

Download The Sales Manager Now Discovery Meeting Form

The Discovery Meeting Form is the beginning of creating accountability and consistency with your sales team discovery meetings. Without a consistent means of gathering information at each discovery meeting it is nearly impossible to manage your effectiveness. With this form completed you will be able to answer the following questions:

Sales Discovery Meeting Form

  • Who are the decision makers?
  • Who will be influencing this decision?
  • What key initiatives for my prospect will my offering impact?
  • What is the prospects buying process?
  • What are their areas of pain pressing this purchase?
  • How do they envision our solutions impacting their business?
  • What do they expect in a vendor?
  • What type of budget do they have for this purchase?
  • Buying time lines.
  • Buying motives.
  • Document your system or service requirements.

In addition sales people will be prompted to:

  • Prepare before attending meeting by researching the prospects business and industry.
  • Set 2-3 key objectives to come away with from meeting.
  • Document promises made and action items.
  • Using the Discovery Form provides the sales rep the answers to prepare their “Letter of Understanding” as well as needed information to present a value based proposal rather than a product based proposal.

Simply fill in the contact information below to download your Discovery Form and receive sales and sales management blogs periodically. 

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