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16 Best Sales Management Books

Sales Management Books are not plentiful on the market, but we have put together a collection of books that support varying aspects of sales management as well as books that can support those managing sales teams.

The Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling Management bookThe Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling

The Joshua Principle by Tony Hughes: I conduct a lot of books studies with my teams and The Joshua Principle is by far the most popular. Tony Hughes fictional approach is fresh for a self-help book on sales and it works. Salespeople will remember what the characters did more than they will remember techniques or methodologies in other books. The book is well written as fiction and keeps your attention throughout. In the end, the principles learned throughout the story are reinforced in a concise and well-organized appendix. It’s a great way to have fun reading then take some time studying the main points as a team to use the knowledge shared to win more deals.

one of the best sales manager books - Part-Time Sales Management Book Part-Time Sales Management

Rene Zamora.“You don’t need to spend a lot of time with salespeople to realize improvement, but you need to invest your time in the right places and in the best manner. I’ve been managing groups of small business sales teams since 2006 in a manner that realizes growth by devoting 10-20 hours a month with each team. To be effective and to serve more clients, I needed to be systematic. My systems and approach are now assembled for you to take back to your company. Part-Time Sales Management will provide you the steps and process to build your sales team in 10-20 hours a month that will do more than increase sales; it will build the value of your business.”

Conversations That Win The Complex Sale - a book for sales managementConversations That Win The Complex Sale

Erik Peterson and Tim Riesterer.  A buyers world is filled with messages flooding into them. To stand out we must work on improving how our messages are delivered and that is what this book addresses. The authors have filled the book with practical and easy to apply ideas to help you speak, story tell and write sales messages that will act as cream rising to the top of a buyers memory cup. By applying the teaching in this book you will be more successful at having your intended messages be intellectually and emotionally understood; which will lead to more sales.

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play - Sales Management BookLet’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play

Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship, Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig.  The title says it all and the book backs it up. The authors get behind what makes solution or strategic selling actually work. It’s easy for companies to claim that their selling approach is to understand the buyers’ problems, design a solution to solve that problem and then present that solution. Making that claim is one thing and doing it well is quite another. Those that do create a trusting relationship that is open and honest (Getting Real) which makes room for a solution that can truly help the buyer and one they buyer believes in. This is a great sales teaching book, I conduct book studies using it regularly with my sales teams.

No More Cold Calling - book about sales managementNo More Cold Calling

Joanne S. Black. In today’s marketing evolution (social media, eblasts, webinars, youtube, twitter, and websites) we still can’t get away from the value of a personal referral (or introduction made for you). Referrals shrink your sales cycles, reduce marketing costs and it’s actually more fun. It’s not just about asking your customers at the end of each close to provide a referral. Her book and your commitment can conquer one of the most difficult skills in sales, having a consistent funnel of qualified prospects that expect to talk to you. As Sales Management Books go I would put this high on the value scale.

7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers Book7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers

A Strategic guide to creating a winning sales team through collaboration, Max Cates. This contains rock-solid guidance for sales managers willing to first look themselves in the mirror before asking their sales team to change. Chapter one acts as a very large mirror. The author clearly describes the best practices to create a supportive sales team. Building a truly collaborative team with a group of individual competitors is not easy to accomplish, but Max Cates outlines what is required in structure and soft skills to get the job done. A great resource to keep on the shelf just in case the team seems stuck or the job is not fun anymore.

CustomerCentric SellingTM - Sales Management Book

CustomerCentric SellingTM

Michael T. Bosworth and John R. Holland shows salespersons how to differentiate themselves and their offerings by appealing to customer needs, steering away from making one-way presentations and toward having meaningful and goal-oriented conversations. The book does a great job in explaining the process of consultative selling which is what Service-Minded Selling is all about. The detail put into explaining the sales process and how to make it accountable is where this book ranks high in the Sales Management Books arena.

Managing for Sales Results Book

Managing for Sales Results

Ron Marks. Ron Marks is a professional who has sold and managed and that is why I respect his book. His book is not about theory and trends, it is about what works with salespeople and how to build a team focused on results. All the theories don’t mean a thing if the salespeople still can’t sell. If any other Sales Management Books you have purchased are too complicated, you will enjoy reading Ron’s book.

Less is More Leadership in Sales Management

Less is More Leadership

H. Dale Burke. Every leader knows the feeling. You think that if you just work harder, faster, and longer, you’ll eventually get on top of the pile. But no matter how hard you try, you feel like the hamster who runs fast and furious only to get off the wheel and find his scenery hasn’t changed one bit. The book is easy to read, he keeps it simple (less is more) and includes action plans for those who want to implement ideas easily.

God is My Success - A book that talks about sales management

God is My Success

Larry Julian shows that your adversity holds the key to your destiny and the success God intended. God doesn’t promise a life free of adversity. He does, however, promise to be with us in our adversity. As we partner with God to overcome our obstacles we discover that, ultimately, God Himself is our success. Every salesperson or business owner deals with adversity. Gaining a healthy perspective on our adversity will bring more success to your sales day.

Info Guru Marketing- Robert Middleton sales management book

Info Guru Marketing

Robert Middleton has spent over 20 years working with Independent Professionals and has learned first hand what works and what does not work to attract clients. Includes detailed sections on creating your marketing message, packaging your services so that prospects will be interested, promoting in the most effective ways and ultimately persuading prospects to work with you.

Motivational Management Book

Motivational Management

Alex Hiam. At the heart of management and leadership is motivation. Many managers tell me, “If only my people were motivated”, my response is that is why you are managing them. Managers are not taught how to motivate when they are part of the team. Alex offers practical tools and case studies that will help any manager learn how to motivate without having to become a cheerleader.

Your Best Year Yet Book by Jinny S. Ditzler

Your Best Year Yet!

Jinny S. Ditzler explains how to set and realize goals for everything from increased earning power through better health and fitness using courage, heart, and discipline. When salespeople improve themselves they improve their sales. This book provides a complete self-improvement program you can offer employees or teams.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR - a book by David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

David Meerman Scott is a must read if you feel you are missing out on attracting customers through the web. It is not about e-commerce, it is about using news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing & online media to reach your buyers directly.

The One Page Business Plan by Jim Horan

The One Page Business Plan

Jim Horan. I look for ideas that are simple and easy to implement. Jim Horan has done it with the One Page Business Plan. We build plans using The One Page Business plan with our clients and they love it. It makes the complex simple.

God is my CEO management book by Larry Julian

God is my CEO

Larry Julian. Many business leaders struggle with the dilemma of being successful and living a life with purpose. Often, their personal beliefs seem to conflict with the bottom-line demands of today’s business world. God is My CEO offers a practical and inspirational source of guidance for achieving a meaningful and accomplished life. The book illustrates it points through wonderful interviews with well know executives in the world.

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