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Our Sales Management Consultants

Noel Ledermann

After a career in marketing, sales, and sales leadership, Noel joined Sales Manager Now. His more than 30 years of leadership experience at Pfizer Animal Health/Zoetis prepared him to bring the structure, compassion, and leadership that our clients count on.

In my last year with Zoetis, my team adopted the mantra, Create Change.  We simply put forth the idea that we couldn’t stand on our past success alone in a competitive environment.  We needed to constantly find ways to do things differently when needed, with the idea that we can always improve—even if just by a little. This is why I joined Sales Manager Now, because I saw that our role is to help our client sales teams keep improving to help the business grow. Noel

You’ll find Noel to be an observant and insightful person who can interact with just about anyone from your newest to the most senior salesperson.
(209) 580-7171
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Jay Banner

During his nearly 20 years of sales, sales operations, and sales management experience, Jay learned one of life’s greatest lessons; leadership is a privilege. A leader’s influence will affect the trajectory of people’s careers and lives.  Because of this knowledge, Jay has focused on helping people succeed.  Since his college football days, Jay has proven to be a dynamic leader with a record of delivering consistent results.  He is a creative problem solver who draws upon a broad base of experience, education, and team collaboration.  Jay excels by creating a measurable strategic plan to success, establishing a dynamic winning culture, promoting a strong customer focus, and building a high-performing sales team.

Jay has worked in many different industries from SaaS, computer hardware, distribution, manufacturing and even owned his own insurance company.  With his broad background, he is able to help Sales Reps in almost every industry.  Jay joined Sales Management now to help influence and affect the growth of Sales Leaders.

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Direct line: (813) 822-5566
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Rene Zamora

After 23 years in sales and sales management Rene started his consulting practice providing High-Performance training programs to small and medium-sized businesses. In 2004 he was certified in management consulting and strategic planning and in 2006 is when Sales Manager Now was born.

Rene’s career in sales and sales management, combined with his training and consulting experience has proven to be the perfect blend to deliver successful outsourced sales management. Two key ingredients have made this management model successful, genuine care and enjoyment working with salespeople and business owners, and the commitment to work with fewer clients to provide more personalized attention.

Rene still works with client owners and sales teams as a sales management consultant in between speaking on his book, Part-Time Sales Management and growing Sales Manager Now.

He’s available for speaking engagements and can be reached at 916-596-3713.

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Direct line: (916) 758-2840
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