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Our Sales Management Consultants

Noel Ledermann

After a career in marketing, sales, and sales leadership, Noel joined Sales Manager Now. His more than 30 years of leadership experience at Pfizer Animal Health/Zoetis prepared him to bring the structure, compassion, and leadership that our clients count on.

In my last year with Zoetis, my team adopted the mantra, Create Change.  We simply put forth the idea that we couldn’t stand on our past success alone in a competitive environment.  We needed to constantly find ways to do things differently when needed, with the idea that we can always improve—even if just by a little. I joined Sales Manager Now because I saw that our role is to help our client sales teams keep improving to help the business grow.” Noel

You’ll find Noel to be an observant and insightful person who can interact with just about anyone from your newest to the most senior salesperson.
Direct line: (209) 580-7171
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Joel Russo

Joel Russo

After a career in sales and sales leadership, Joel joined Sales Manager Now. His more than 33 years of leadership experience in Medical Device companies at Covidien, Smith & Nephew, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as startup companies SurgRx, and Minerva Surgical, prepared him to bring experience in Sales Leadership, CRM, Motivation, Coaching, Mentoring, and Strategy to mention a few.

I keep it simple: “Don’t sell Tylenol until you have uncovered the headache first!” Second: “If you call or email me, I will answer, call you back, or email you ASAP!” Every business has competition. In this new world, we live in, we can increase sales and market share by adopting these two simple mantras. I joined Sales Manager Now to help our client sales teams improve their close rate, manage their time, increase sales, and build market share.”

You’ll find Joel to be an articulate, perceptive, and understanding person who can interact with anyone from your newest to the most senior salesperson.

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Direct line: (754) 946-4880
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Rich Caruso

Rich’s experience at 3M has prepared him well for his role at Sales Manager Now. During his 39-year career, he managed multiple sales teams involving various technical product lines in consumer, health care, and industrial products. He consistently built local, national, and key account sales teams among national leaders. Rich is experienced in business development, hiring, sales metrics, CRM, compensation, and performance management.

Rich is a hands-on leader, manager, coach, and motivator who can attract, retain and develop talented individuals and mold them into a cohesive, high-performance sales team.

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Direct line: (239) 236-2993
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Rene Zamora

After 23 years in sales and sales management Rene started his consulting practice providing High-Performance training programs to small and medium-sized businesses. In 2004 he was certified in management consulting and strategic planning; in 2006, Sales Manager Now was born.

Rene’s career in sales and sales management, combined with his training and consulting experience, has proven to be the perfect blend to deliver successful fractional sales management. Two key ingredients have made this management model successful: genuine care, enjoyment of working with salespeople and business owners, and the commitment to work with fewer clients to provide more personalized attention.

Rene still works with client owners and sales teams as a sales management consultant in between speaking on his book, Part-Time Sales Management and growing Sales Manager Now.

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Direct line: (916) 758-2840
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