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Download The Sales Compensation Builder Worksheet (PDF)

Designing a sales compensation plan that creates an incentive for a salesperson and profits for the company are what business owners are looking for. It’s easy to toss your hands in the air and just throw more money at salespeople to only realize the profit you hoped for never appears. On the other hand, your compensation plan might not be attracting the talent you hope for. The Sales Compensation Builder Worksheet can help with these scenarios.

Sales People Pay Plan Title Image The Sales Compensation Builder Worksheet is a PDF file designed to work hand-in-hand with the sales blog “You’re Paying Your Salespeople HOW MUCH?” Before downloading the worksheet I suggest reading through the sales blog to understand what will be needed to complete the worksheet. The blog will cover all the elements in the worksheet and dive into subjects like salary/commission blends and how to decide on who should shoulder more risk. You’ll be directed to decide on minimum sales goals while designing your plan to assure profitability is attained. You’ll also look at factors that help you attract your next hire based on your competitive market. All of these answers will come together in the Sales Compensation Builder Worksheet.


The Sales Compensation Builder Worksheet has been designed to help you organize the elements and factors that go into sales compensation plan development. Organizing all the factors into one worksheet is designed to ease your decision-making process as you weigh your goals and company approach to selling. Your answers and decisions should result in a compensation plan that fits the sales role at your company for the products and market you serve.

What You Might Need

Depending on if you are wanting to build a plan from scratch or use the worksheet to evaluate your current plans, you might need some or all of the following to help you.

  • Company financials to help with questions related to revenue, gross margin and sales goals.
  • Access to comparative compensation levels in your market or industry to provide a guide.
  • The blog, Your Paying Your Sales People How Much? (

If you get stuck working through the Sales Compensation Builder feel free to schedule a meeting with me for us to discuss. You can schedule it with me here.

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