Our B2B Sales and Sales Management Process

How We Work

When we are hired we become your sales manager, part of your team. We work with you and your management teams as well as the sales people. The process is dynamic and sales activity will not be negatively affected as a new or improved B2B sales process and systems are being developed. The B2B Sales Management Process map below will give you a good idea on how we work.

Sales Management Process 


We make outsourced sales management work by focusing on sales activity that has the greatest impact on increasing sales in the short term and long term. We understand how to teach, motivate and hold sales people accountable to drive sales. Communication is a key to increasing production so we:

  • Hold regular sales meetings to cover progress, education and new company initiatives.
  • Coach each salesperson to focus improvement in areas of need.
  • Use on line CRM systems to allow easy integration with Sales Manager Now and access for ownership.
  • Provide sales department progress reports to keep ownership in the loop.
  • Are available by phone, email and on line meetings to assist sales people and answer ownership questions.

We will teach your sales people Service-Minded Selling. The most current sales approach in the industry which is focused on serving clients in a way that leads to sales today and for many years to come.


Service Minded Selling Core Process Steps

B2B Sales Process Image


Our management approach does not require the full-time presence of a Sales Manager Now consultant. Our focus is not on quantity of time but quality time we contribute.

Our Uniqueness

What makes us different and effective is three-fold. First, we are detached from the company dynamics, which means all the interaction we have with your sales people is solely focused on improving the sales process and, in turn, increasing sales revenue and profit. Our focus is turned toward what will work and how we can make it so.

Secondly, we are professionals who have been hired to help turn companies around. We understand the sales process, methods and company ingredients needed to make sales a success. We don’t require any training from the company we come ready to rock and roll.


Lastly, by sharing your Sales Manager Now manager with other companies it makes it affordable for you to have a first class sales team at the budget you hoped for.


We only find success when you find success. If for any reason our clients are not satisfied with the results of our work the contract can be canceled upon notice. Fees or service will be adjusted to arrive at client satisfaction.