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5 Qualities I Look for When Hiring A Sales Person Video

There are 5 qualities I look for when hiring a sales person. Do you have a list of qualities you look for when you enter an interview? If not, it’s easy to be sold by a person who knows how to sell. Selling ability is a given requirement, and easy to verify. What I’m looking for are the 5 qualities that tell me about how they respond to situations they’ll face when working in the tough business of selling. Below are the 5 qualities I look for when hiring a sales person.

  1. The number one quality I look for is the drive to succeed when hiring a sales person.
  2. I want to also couple that quality with the importance of keeping commitments. Let me tell you why I look at both those qualities together and separately. Not everyone has that same level of importance to keep commitments or the drive to succeed. When I build a sales team, I’m going to be giving them sales goals to achieve. They’re going to be responsible and accountable to those goals. And, the team goal is more important than the individual goal because everyone has an up or a down month now and then. Consequently, as a team, we can collectively hit that goal. So I want them not only to have a drive to succeed but also a drive for commitment to the bigger goal as well. These are important qualities for hiring a sales person.
  3. The ability to communicate effectively within a conversation. I am mostly looking for how well they listen. The better they listen, the better they’ll be able to message.
  4. How well can they adapt? Change is constant in today’s world and change can be fast.
  5. Are they transparent with confidence? I want them to be transparent and open with me if they are behind in their goals or even if they are ahead in their goals. If they can take on more responsibility, I want them to tell me that. If they have a problem or made a mistake, I want to hear from them. And this would also apply to their customers and prospects. I want to know if they can communicate all of these things without losing their confidence, and actually have their transparency build confidence.

In conclusion, if you can find candidates with these five qualities, you are going to find some successful sales people for your team.

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Rene is the President of Sales Manager Now, a company that provides fractional sales management services to small and family-run businesses. He has twenty-seven years of experience in sales leadership, coaching, and consulting. He is also the author of the Part-Time Sales Management handbook and is based in Auburn, California.

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