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Service Minded Selling High Pay-off Activity

The Service-Minded Sales Person will be focused on the activity they perform each day. This can be used to build job descriptions and sales process.
By Rene Zamora

Work days are very short and time with customers is precious. It is easy to stay busy, be efficient, yet not be productive. It happens when you work on low pay-off activities. A sales person’s job is to sell and in most cases to market as well. A company or manager can be just as guilty of slowing down a salesperson as the salesperson himself. If everyone is in sync with what High Pay-off Activities are, a salesperson can be held accountable to them. Here they are, the percentages are there to give you a gauge as to how to invest your time.

Working on the business/self/admin (5-10%)

  • Improving sales process through coaching sessions with manager
  • Taking time to renew attitude
  • Improving product knowledge through reading and vendors
  • Set and monitor goals
  • Update CRM daily with notes and details

Activity that adds to your contact list for new appointments. (5-10%)

  • Motivating employees for leads
  • Mining data base
  • Working referral system
  • Meeting with productive network contacts
  • Cold calls – Face and Phone
  • Networking events

Schedule new appointments (5-10%)

  • Telephone calls to your contact list
  • Follow up on leads
  • Follow up on referrals

Discovery/Estimate Appointments (25-40%)

  • Preparation
  • Learning about account before meeting.
  • Reviewing questions before appointment
  • Discovering needs
  • Emotional
  • Practical
  • Follow ups to clarify needs or meet other decision makers

Proposals (25%)

  • Preparing
  • Call backs for clarifications
  • Presenting proposals

Follow up appointments for each closed (10-15%)

  • Confirm expectations met
  • Additional training
  • Address concerns
  • Ask for referrals
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