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Importance of a Sales Manager

Most Sales People Require More Than a Good Product or Service to be Successful.

An increase in B2B sales by a motivated sales team doesn’t happen by accident. It requires coordinating efforts between the Company, the Salesperson, and the Sales Manager. The contribution of the Sales Manager is critical to performance. In the case of smaller companies, this contribution is often neglected, absent, or assigned to the owner. As you can see in the Successful Sales Ingredients Model, the Importance of the Sales Manager is carried out in eleven different roles. How is your company doing with Sales Management? Go to the Sales Management Assessment page to see how you rate.

Successful Sales Ingredients Model

Importance of a Sales Manager

In some circumstances, you may have a Sales Manager employed but they are not providing the necessary ingredients. You might want to consider our Sales Management Coaching & Advising Service. On the other side of the equation is the Company. It is not our role to change your culture or approach to business but we will evaluate and make recommendations as to what the company can do to best support sales efforts.

If you look at the eleven roles, the Sales Manager fills, you should ask yourself, who is filling those at your company? Your business can get along without all the roles being filled. Still, if you want to build a consistently producing sales team that you don’t have to monitor, you might consider looking into our programs a little deeper. We recommend you purchase Part-Time Sales Management for Small Business Sales Teams or download the Free Sales Management Guide, How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team. You’ll also receive our paper, 85 Motivating Ideas to Increase Sales. The guide highlights the Importance of a Sales Manager and the building blocks of a Dynamic Sales Team.

Click here to see the cost comparison to working with Sales Manager Now and hiring a sales management employee.

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