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Small Business Sales Advice: Prospecting Conversations

Service-Minded prospecting is not about making calls, it is about finding the people that lead you to more opportunities. You accomplish this be being focused and having conversations.
By Rene Zamora 

Pre-call Preparation

Before you walk into or call on a business remind yourself you are serving, not selling. Gear your questions toward respectfully finding a potential prospect. You are not there to sweet talk anyone, but to find a contact that makes decisions on what you offer. You are on an Easter egg hunt. You can’t find an egg where one does not exist, but you will find eggs if you look. The more you can make it a friendly conversation the more success you will find.

Conversation Progression

Gain rapport – Gain rapport by introducing yourself friendly and confidently as you offer your business card. “Hello, my name is Mike Garcia with ABC Company (hand business card at same time you are saying this).

State purpose – I was interested in setting up an appointment with the person who takes care of your ________ decisions. Would I be able to get their card so I can call them back later?

Get them involved – Let them get the card, if they can’t find one have them write on the back of yours or another piece of paper. Once you have card, thank them and gather info.

Gather info – Ask questions – do you currently use _________ in the business? Do you know if the ________ has ever mentioned considering them? When is the best time to call them by phone, do they come in early, stay late?

Earn more trust – Thanks a lot; I’m sorry, your name was? _______. Thanks ______, please let ________ know I will call them for an appointment in the next couple of days.

Take Notes – Jot down notes regarding your conversation that might be helpful on a phone call. Make sure you jot down name of person you talked to.

Most important step: Call the opportunities that seem viable and toss out any that have nothing going. Remember you are simply looking for eggs not trying to create eggs.

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