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B2B Sales Manager Needs Assessment

Answer the following questions yes or no. Some questions refer to your B2B sales manager. If you do not have a designated sales manager, answer the question based on the person who oversees or is responsible for your sales people.

  1. Do you have a documented sales system that you teach all sales people and is followed religiously?
  2. Does your sales manager acts as a coach to your sales people?
  3. Do your sales people have documented expectations regarding their sales activity and results?
  4. Do your sales people have someone who provides leadership focused on their success?
  5. Does your sales manager provide timely and consistent motivation to your sales people?
  6. Does your company offer continual education to improve your sales people’s skills?
  7. Does your sales compensation structure motivate your sales people?
  8. Do you hold your sales people accountable for their activity and results by measuring and reviewing their results regularly?
  9. Are your sales people recognized on a regular basis for their sales efforts and results?
  10. Do you have a reporting system that tracks sales activity for every sales lead and provides management with confident sales forecasting?
  11. Can you count on the information your sales people tell you about their leads?
  12. Are you achieving or exceeding your sale team goals with the profitability you are seeking?

The more questions you answered yes to will bring you closer to achieving consistently high sales volumes with the type of customers you prefer.

If you answered no to the majority of the questions feel free to take advantage of our Free Consultation by clicking on button below.

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