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Fractional Sales Management Consultant
(Managing Small Business Sales Teams)
Job Description

What We Value: We value life balance, we love what we do, are committed to the good for all, we improve and adapt, and we care about people most of all. We also enjoy working with, learning from, and supporting each other. We work with fewer clients and provide more personalized attention.

The Role: You will manage 3-7 sales teams from your home via web conference. Each team works for a different small business. Our client businesses usually sell 2-20 million in revenue and have 2-8 people on a team. The companies will comprise different industries as we don’t serve a specific niche. We are not expected to be product experts; the clients themselves or their vendors provide product knowledge for the sales team. We often co-manage with the business owner. We are accountable for department goals but do not sell; we only manage. Goals are to be met through the sales teams.

Primary Responsibility:  Meet or exceed client objectives for their sales department development and sales revenue growth while utilizing the Sales Manager Now Part-Time Sales Management System. Continue to improve systems and processes as long as we work with the client and foster a culture of continuous improvement. We aim to build value in the business through their sales department.


  • Get in step with the client and team
  • Review and update the client’s current systems and processes
  • Gain a clear understanding of the client company business plan or help them develop one
  • Update processes and systems to meet development and growth objectives
  • Have each person develop an individual sales plan
  • Conduct weekly sales meetings
  • Provide agendas to the sales team at least a day before a meeting
  • Be available for impromptu calls and emails from your teams
  • Conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with all salespeople
  • Conduct owner catch-up meetings as needed (1-2 a month)
  • Review and manage through client CRM reports when available
  • Learn client CRM system so you can help the client utilize it for sales growth
  • Help implement new CRMs when needed (specifics to be determined on a case-by-case basis)
  • Coordinate with the client for any resources needed to help salespeople sell more
  • Be an advisor and expert for clients related to sales management
  • Hire salespeople
  • Address poor performance and let people go along with the client when necessary
  • Find and present sales education material to help individual improvement
  • Conduct book studies with your team as a teaching tool
  • Coordinate sales training if you feel it is warranted for rep development
  • Understand and use Wiley Profile XT Select hiring profile
  • Attend training and coaching sessions with Rene as scheduled
  • Backfill for other managers if needed
  • Contribute to company projects, blogging, or videos as requested
  • Use company apps (Zoho apps, Google Apps, Zoom, Ring Central, or others as added)
  • Develop client reports if required by the client
  • Hire and fire vendors if needed to support the sales department
  • Optional – attending client manager meetings

Workplace and Travel

  • You will work from your home or office of choosing.
  • Client travel is usually one visit a year for 1-2 days each. Some years no visits, and others, maybe two.
  • Our office will coordinate with the clients and you for travel arrangements.

Skills and practices required.

  • Fearless, confident, and competent leadership
  • Ability to facilitate quality discussion and foster trust in sales meetings
  • Understanding business plans and how to develop one if needed.
  • Strategic thinking, as well as implementation
  • Work at an urgent pace while remaining patient with outcomes
  • Ability to understand and provide what is needed to help others develop and grow
  • Address poor performance
  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Utilize objective documented measurements to manage 
  • Effective written and verbal communication (others understand your intended message)
  • Ability to control your emotions so as not to disrupt the client
  • Prioritize work from multiple clients that is acceptable to all
  • Effective multi-tasking and ability to be interrupted and remain productive
  • Above average computer ability – technology use is very high

Experience needed

  • Ten years minimum of B2B sales management.
  • Five or more years of successful in-field sales experience.
  • Leading others who enjoyed following your lead.
  • Experience managing remote sales teams.
  • Experience working with CRMs (creating reports and dashboards is a plus).
  • Experience leading web meetings with programs like  Zoom, MSTeams, Google Meet or others.
  • Facilitating sales team meetings.
  • Some experience developing sales plans for a department or salesperson.
  • Experience developing compensation plans is a plus.

Compensation Package

  • Hourly training pay with a monthly shared fee program (Part-time workload)
    • $50/hr before the first client is assigned
    • Shared client fees: 50% of monthly client fees paid monthly (expected annual earnings $50,000 – $150,000)
    • Annual bonus opportunity based on annual client volume
  • Home office technology expenses (internet, phone services, apps, computer if needed)

Complete Our Online Interview to Apply

If you meet the requirements, please complete our online interview by clicking the button below. You can submit your cover letter and resume in the interview. Once complete, you’ll be notified if you will be invited for an interview with Rene Zamora.

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