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Fractional Sales Management

A Fractional Sales Manager Provides the Right Person for the Right Seat

Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) claims, “For a business to be successful, it must perform well in three major functions: Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Finance.” A Fractional Sales Manager daily contributes to the hard-to-fill sales leadership role in more small businesses.

Companies turning to a Fractional Sales Manager are finding senior-level leadership that understands how to sell. More importantly, they have experience leading and coaching others to be their best.

A Fractional Sales Manager understands and can build the systems needed to scale a business through a sales team. Moreover, they intelligently contribute to the decisions made at the company’s senior level.

The Fractional Sales Manager

What is Fractional Sales Management? In a nutshell, a Fractional Sales Manager is a senior-level manager who knows how to sell, lead and manage. Additionally, they share their time and expertise among a handful of businesses and sales teams. Also, they charge each business a fraction of their total compensation. Consequently, it is a win-win for companies who want to grow and have been searching for a professional that communicates clearly and produces more results. 

Why Shouldn’t I Hire a Full-Time Sales Manager?

If you have a challenging enough role to attract a full-time sales leader, you should hire full-time. However, for most small businesses, the size of the sales management challenge has them crashing into the Small Business Sales Management Dilemma.

The dilemma is simple. The sales management talent you want at your company usually works at a corporation. They enjoy the challenge and compensation level they are accustomed to. For this reason, they are not watching job boards for a small business with a sales team size that may be a fifth of what they are accustomed to leading.

The dilemma is that you need a sales management professional. However, the role at your small business may not be challenging enough to attract the talent you need. Instead, you may hire an experienced salesperson who does not want to sell any longer. Unfortunately, they may not be skilled at developing sales persons.

The Challenge Fractional Managers Enjoy

You might be asking yourself, “If the sales management role at my company is not challenging enough, why would a Fractional Sales Manager want to work for us?” It’s simple.  We find the challenge in working with a handful of clients from different industries. It stretches us to learn new industries. Furthermore, we can help a diverse group of people. Also, it creates an opportunity to contribute to building value in our client’s businesses. 

Fractional Sales Management: The Movement

In 2006, we started providing Fractional Sales Management and have never lacked for clients. More recently, the demand has been picking up. More EOS companies and others are unwilling to settle for mediocre sales leadership. And they are not willing to leave their sales team on their own. Moreover, many sales leaders are leaving the corporate world but still have the talent.  As a result, they make great Fractional Sales Managers. It’s the right time to capitalize on this talent. 

The Right Person in The Right Seat

EOS defines the right person being someone who fits your company’s core values.  Knowing if they are in the right seat is judged in three areas:  Get it, Want it, and Capacity to do it (GWC). Do they understand the job, responsibilities, outcomes, and expectations? Do they want what you are offering? Lastly, do they have the capacity to get the job done? Alignment with the company core values plus a yes to GWC equals the Right Person in the Right Seat.

We are the right person in the right seat for our current clients. If you’d like to explore if we might be that person for you, schedule a meeting, and we both can find out.

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Rene is the President of Sales Manager Now, a company that provides fractional sales management services to small and family-run businesses. He has twenty-seven years of experience in sales leadership, coaching, and consulting. He is also the author of the Part-Time Sales Management handbook and is based in Auburn, California.

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