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Hiring a Small Business Sales Management Consultant Could Be Your Answer

Hi, I’m Rene Zamora, founder of Sales Manager Now, and since 2006 I’ve been relieving small business owners in North America from sales team frustrations while managing their teams to more success.

Your sales team does not have to be a weak link in your business. Sales managers exist because they specialize in helping salespeople be their best. If you don’t have a strong sales manager, it’s safe to say your salespeople could sell more for you.

Hiring a Sales Management Consultant doesn’t have to be risky. When you contract with me you’re hiring a Sales Management Consultant, not an employee. You won’t have the same government hoops to jump through, risks to take or taxes to pay. I’ve built the business by earning time with clients month in and month out. No sticky contracts you can’t get out of. Check out our pricing.

If you’re frustrated with salespeople and all that goes along with the sales team, don’t give up on them. It’s easy to allow a negative attitude to take root if you’re not sure how to fix your sales team problem, and that attitude will work against you. When you have the right sales manager working with you you’ll begin to see new possibilities that exist in your team.

If you’re ready to see your sales team grow and meet your company revenue needs you’ll pick up the phone and set up a meeting with me at 916-596-3713. 

If you are not quite sure yet but want to learn more, a good place to start is by requesting a free copy of my sales management approach: “How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team”

Free Sales Management Guide For Business Owners

Sales Management Consultant GuideAre you ready to have your team perform consistently?

This Free Sales Management Guide, How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team is a blue-collar get-to-work approach, written in bullet point fashion so you can get to the business of building your improved team.

In addition, you’ll receive our paper “85 Motivational Ideas to Increase Sales”. If you’re looking for new ideas, this should keep you busy.

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