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Free Sales Strategy Session

A Sales Strategy Session is a normal part of a client engagement but I want to provide a limited number as a stand-alone offer. In the session, we’ll figure out what needs to be worked on first to start making improvements with your sales efforts (department and people). This offer has nothing tied to a contract or obligation to do business. If you want to tap into our expertise to get better, this will be time well spent.

You should consider having a sales strategy session if:

  • You’ve been trying to improve your direct sales efforts through hiring, pricing, marketing, motivation or other methods but you can’t seem to find any traction or much improvement.
  • You are not really sure what to do to improve sales.
  • You think you have the wrong sales people or sales manager in place and you want a second opinion.
  • You would like guidance on setting up a better compensation program or double-checking your own.
  • You want to explore if you should have a sales manager or not.
  • You want to learn what you can do to be a better sales manager.
  • You need help with your CRM set up and having sales people use it.
  • You are not sure what you should measure to manage better and would like to learn.
  • You need sales management relief pills and you think I might have them.
  • There are many other areas we could list but the bottom line is you have a desire to make improvements and understand the value of using experts to provide guidance.

Who should attend this session?

Strategy sessions are for owners of businesses. If you have a sales manager you would like to include that would be fine as well.

What to expect?

  1. Work directly with Rene Zamora, owner of Sales Manager Now
  2. We will schedule a time to meet (up to 60 mins).
  3. I will send out an info form for you to fill out so I have some background on your company, situation and issues going into our call.
  4. We’ll discuss your situation and I will learn more to help me make recommendations.
  5. We will agree on some action steps and possible resources that can help you.
  6. I will send a follow up email with your action steps and resources.

Then what?

You will need to get to work and work on the action steps.

Find a time below for your meeting.

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