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12 Tips on Selling in a Slow Economy

My clients and I have a motto, “Don’t Be Denied.”  What a great time for the cream to rise to the top. When weaker sales people are worried about a slow economy and the negative effects it will have on their business, Champions rise to the challenge.  You have to decide if you are a Champion or not.

I have sold through the recession in the 80’s, been through the bust, started a new business September 2001 and have seen the same thing happen. The best sales people get it done because they know what to do and “Do It”.  There is no time to worry about the economy. The economy will take care of itself and the focus is still the same; find people who want your product and service and prove to them why they should buy from you.

Here are some reminders to consider for this year:

  • There might be fewer deals so make sure you are focusing on larger business.
  • The best companies will be buying which are the companies that are more fun to work with.
  • While we don’t have to worry about the economy, we do need to understand it. Assess which industries will be hit less with cash shortfalls and work these.
  • Work your referral networks diligently.
  • Focus on growing all contacts and marketing yourself to someone new everyday.
  • Don’t let excellent service go unrewarded. Ask for the referral once you shine with a customer.
  • Find your best ambassadors in your office to funnel leads to you.
  • Maintain a high value position with customers.
  • Don’t take budgets for granted. Make sure you know what they have to spend and how much wiggle room they have before presenting your proposal.
  • Don’t spend time listening to other reps whining about the economy.
  • Re-work data bases from those reps that fall away. There is business to be found that was not allowed to surface.
  • Get creative with finance packages you can offer. Little tweaks can make or break the deal.

Anyone can have a great year when the economy is growing but true champions find a way to win when circumstances are less favorable. In 2009 Don’t Be Denied.

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