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8 Reasons Salespeople Dislike Sales Team Meetings

Sales team meetings can be enjoyed and appreciated by a sales team, or they can be disliked and seen as a waste of time. In order to improve your sales team meetings you might need to be honest about what you’ve been doing that’s working against you, and that’s the purpose of this blog. Below are 8 reasons salespeople dislike sales team meetings. Read the blog or watch the video and see if you’ve been coming up short. If so, you can find links to other blogs on how to make your sales team meetings interesting and profitable. 

1. There is a lack of an agreed-upon purpose that supports both the salesperson and the company.

In some companies, sales team meetings are scheduled as-needed and they lack an agenda and purpose. Consequently, this wastes the teams’ time and can be a drain on their workday.

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2. Sales team meetings don’t happen consistently.

Sales meetings that don’t have an agreed-upon purpose don’t happen on a consistent basis. They are more as-needed. For instance, when the boss needs something. So business owners take a look in the mirror because often times the meetings are called when you need something communicated. Maybe you need something from your salespeople, or you need to lay the hammer down. But the rest of the time, many times, the absence of sales meetings in your company are justified. The reason for that is because you think to yourself, “I don’t want to waste their time.” Or, “I want them out selling”. However, there is a benefit to meetings.

3. There’s no agreed-upon agenda for the sales team meetings.

Unless there is an agenda sent out, people don’t know what’s expected of them in the meeting. They are not sure what they should be bringing, what they should be prepared for or what they’re going to be covering.

4. Sales team meetings become complaining sessions.

If there is no agenda or planning put into a sales meeting, it is easy for the sales team to start a complaining session. One complaint leads to another and so on.

5. Sales team meetings lack constructive dialogue.

The complaining has happened in your sales meetings and it doesn’t allow for constructive dialogue. But you want constructive and open communication. You want to be able to put issues out on the table and discuss them.

6. Issues are not discussed and solved.

The reason people complain or speak loudly and exaggerate is because issues aren’t being heard or solved. The team begins to feel that they are dealing with the same issues over and over.

7. The sales team lacks accountability.

You can have the best sales team but if they lack accountability they will be ineffective. Everyone needs to be in agreement with the expectations of the sales team and the goals set.

8. The sales team meetings aren’t fun.

You want structure and you want to get things done, but it’s okay to have a little fun. Keeping things light at times can refocus the group and keep things from getting dull.

So there are the8 reasons salespeople dislike sales team meetings. If you would like more information on how to improve your sales meetings, check out the articles below.

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