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Direct Sales Compensation and Incentives Plans

When building a dynamic sales team you can’t simple offer pay plans, you need to Design a Compensation Plan that is motivating to salespeople. Many of our clients have the following unanswered questions when approaching a direct sales compensation plan.

  • How much should we pay our sales people?
  • Should we offer a salary, commissions or bonuses?
  • What will cause sales people to sell more?

The last question is the key. There is not one best way. Our goal is to design a compensation program that will support the company goals and objectives, and motivate sales people to sell. Our approach to compensation is to understand short and long term goals, profit margin targets and desired cost of sales, and weigh it against what will keep a good sales person around and motivated.

We then construct compensation models for your review that include, salaries, commissions, bonuses and accountability.

Ask for our complimentary assessment to the right if you would like a review of your current compensation model.

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