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Hiring and Performance Management

Have a sales team that consistently produces for you

We often hear how “it’s not easy to find good salespeople.” This opinion often stems from a belief that there is a shortage of salespeople in the market. There isn’t a shortage, but there is competition. The salespeople a company hopes for are not attracted to the presented position. They are not attracted to the ad, the hiring process, or the lack of sales leadership. Quality sales leaders create accountable environments, and most people appreciate a fair culture where accountability exists.

We Will…

  • Develop job descriptions
  • Create advertisement copy
  • Review resumes
  • Conduct interviews
  • Recommend candidates
  • Use a job match template to measure job fit. 

We follow a consistent hiring process that helps us find the right talent more consistently. You can find our hiring process by clicking here

When performance is slipping, we address the issue through a conversation with the salesperson. The discussion is objective and candid because we have already established clear expectations. Our weekly sales meetings and monthly one-on-one meetings shed light on expectations and results, which helps us stay on top of any areas that need attention. If performance does not improve, we will move to a formal Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which spells out weak spots, expectations, support available, and a timeline to review improvement. At this stage, a salesperson understands that their job is in danger if they can’t meet the PIP expectations. If needed, it’s our responsibility to work with ownership, HR, or legal when letting a salesperson go. We take great care in working through this process as to not adversely affect the company with a disgruntled employee.

Try the Sales Environment Instant Assessment

Find out how productive your sales environment is. And how to improve it.

Our Philosophy

One of the reasons it’s hard to find good people is because the sales culture is not attractive to the type of people you are looking for. Without a sales manager in place to develop a team and accountable culture sales teams are often individual-driven. This isn’t bad and sales is an individual role for the most part but the majority of people can find more success in a team-oriented culture. This is often misunderstood when it comes to sales as the myth is all salespeople are money-driven so we set up commissions to take care of performance. This is not true. Some salespeople are money-driven, but most are goal and team-driven. Money is often used as a management tool when a talented sales manager is not in place. Check out our Sales Compensation and Incentives Plans service page.

Before we start advertising for a salesperson we make sure the culture is getting set up toward accountability with clear expectations documented. Another way to look at this is we first clean the house and make it attractive before going to the market to see who wants to join us. When the right talent is attracted they are evaluating the job, company, and who their manager will be. When we are the sales manager we present a good case that they will grow and be supported under our leadership.

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