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Sales Training and Development

We use the term Sales Training and Development because we believe training alone will have very little impact if what is learned is not developed. Since sales is 70% attitude, keeping a good attitude is part of the development as well as on skills and process.

Our goal in development is to not only increase sales knowledge but to help each sales person grow as a person. Building skills and habits that help reps deal with tough times and rejection and capitalize on the highs and victories will translate into consistent sales.

Sales training is not limited to attitude,we educate, coach and mentor your sales reps to apply service-minded sales practices. The focus is on understanding customer needs and objectives before presenting solutions.

When it comes to lead generation most other training programs are geared toward improved cold calling tactics. We understand cold calling and can help reps improve but our preference is to train each sales person to build their new business through referrals. Referrals produce a higher closing rate and reduce the companies marketing expense.

Sales training takes place at your facility, over the phone and independently. Rather than a concentrated approach to training we spread it out over the course of the engagement. We find an extended approach to learning has a greater opportunity to stick.

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