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B2B Sales Process and Systems

What makes sales stars successful at selling? Usually they have natural sales ability and a system they use to be productive and consistent.

We understand it is hard to find more stars who instinctively know how to be a successful sales person. We also know you can teach the majority of sales people a proven sales systems that will help them reach stardom. Once we know we have the right sales people hired (with our hiring system) it is our goal to produce selling systems that each sales person at your company, today and in the future, can use to remain productive and consistent.

They will be your sales systems tailored to your company and structure. When you have a system for hiring and for selling you will have tools in place to manage effectively. It is said what you can measure you can manage. Sales systems bring a resource for measurement. Systems include:

  • Prospecting approach
  • Appointment setting
  • Discovery appointments
  • Proposal preparation and presentation
  • Securing customers
  • Follow-up
  • Web-based customer management systems

A process and system is only as good as the accountability it has built in. We work to build accountable system in place that alleviate a sales persons “gut feel” to determine the sales stage and forecasting probability.

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