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Strategic Sales Planning and Implementation

Our plans don't live on a shelf..they are reviewed weekly, monthly and yearly

Where most strategic plans fail is during implementation or in better terms, the plan does not get worked. Many a plan is dusted out each year to be updated but during the year they are not looked at or measured against. That’s not the case with our approach. It’s our aim to know where our client company wants to get to and when, how they want to get there, and then monitor our progress. Planning without implementation is simply a motivation session for a day. 

What You’ll Get 

Our sales team and individual plans will include:

  • Long-term goals or vision
  • Department purpose
  • Department KPIs with timelines
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Projects or Rocks with due dates

The first three months with clients have three stages to help us approach our work strategically aligned with a company’s vision. We don’t rush in to impress anyone and we are sensitive to implementing improvement with as little disruption to processes currently working well. Our Getting In Step phase has us gaining an understanding of the company vision, current successful strategies, financial budgets, and marketing efforts. We then challenge where needed and support what is aligned. The result is an effort by your sales manager that is aligned with the company and working toward and building strategies that will last. 

Lastly, we build scorecards for the department to measure our collective and individual progress against the plan. Our plans do not get dusty, they are designed to help us perform well. 

If a client does not have a business plan we will support them in designing a strategic plan. Many clients enjoy the process and now have a current documented plan to share with all employees. 

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy on planning is to keep things simple and brief with accountability built-in. We support and have been the sales leader with companies using the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS). The system can be found in the book Traction, by Geno Wickman. The book explains the process but the title, Traction says it all. All the effort we put into planning, meeting, and measuring should be resulting in traction toward progress. With that said, our planning process is not developed to impress anyone through its process, but rather to impress with the results of the process. 

Our goal is to get Ready, then Aim, and Fire effectively. 

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