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Great fit and lasting change

Noel - It's been an absolute honor and pleasure working with you over these past few months. You are truly a professional in every sense of the word. You really helped us create greater alignment with the Planner team and…

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30% Sales Growth

Inflow hired Sales Manager Now to assist in the creation and management of a sales and marketing team. They worked with us to establish our long and short-term goals, build a plan, and execute on measurable goals and objectives. This…

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Effective sales management

Ten years ago we had dysfunctional Sales Management.  Rene was instrumental in helping us develop effective Sales Management personnel and educating senior management on how to be harmonious with our sales team.   Today our Sales process is very effective with…

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Long-term value

I very much enjoyed the healthy interaction and vitality from my sales team during our meeting today. That type of energy level has developed consistently over our period of time (years) working with you (Sales Manager Now). As we continue…

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Structure, stability and compassion

We were Sales Manager Now’s first client. We hired Rene in 2006 as support and training for myself and our sales department. Over the course of a few years, Rene brought stability, began procedures, training processes, and an outsiders opinion…

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More time to build my business

We contracted with Sales Manager Now to help our sales revenue and team grow; which it has over the past three years. What we didn’t expect was how their leadership contribution has brought more professionalism, a greater sense of trust…

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