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What is the coaching geared toward?

Our owner or sales manager coaching is focused on implementing our Part-Times Sales Management System. Since the owner or manager usually has other responsibilities the role of sales management is part-time. Learning the tools and approach will make any manager…

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Do you train our salespeople?

We foster a culture of constant learning. We facilitate training and learning in our sales meetings, but we don't provide a formal day or two-day training program. If a team can use more formal training we will find the best…

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What ROI can we expect?

The ROI is different for each business. Some need fast growth, while others are looking for sustained growth. Some business owners find that having us on board allows them to focus on other aspects of the company which ends up…

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Do you come to our office?

When we get started we come to visit new client teams during what we call Getting in Step and we make additional visits as we deem helpful toward meeting our agreed on objectives. In most cases, we'll make a visit…

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