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Sales Management Consulting for Small Business B2B Sales Teams

Who We Work With

We work with small to medium-size businesses that use a B2B direct sales team as one of their sales channels. Sales teams consist of 1-6 sales people and do not have a designated Sales Manager. In some cases we will work with a Sales Manager to help them increase their skills. In all cases there is opportunity to increase the production of the current sales team where past efforts have not proven to have lasting results.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I can’t figure out why the sales people we hire aren’t selling more. We listen to their suggestions, make price adjustments, increase commissions and still the sales are not consistent.

We have one great sales person. They have a great attitude, make the calls and bring in the business. I have been trying to find another but they seem to be one of a kind. Where are the others?

Our new venture requires a different sales approach and I am not sure how to get that started or how to maximize opportunity.

I want to hire a sales manager but I’m not sure I can afford one and I am not sure what their duties and responsibilities should be.

I promoted my top producing sales person to manager and their production suffered, the team was unhappy and they ended up quitting.

It always sounds like the sales gold mine is just around the corner. How do I know when my sales people are telling me the truth?

I don’t really want to understand the sales process I just want sales to increase.

Clients are likely to be successful with us if

They have a quality product and/or service and deliver excellent customer service to their customers.

There is a viable market for their products or services.

They are comfortable with outsourcing as a resource to help them build their business and will allow Sales Manager Now to be in control of the sales team.

They are willing to back sales with the appropriate marketing to generate leads.

They have or are willing to invest in the infrastructure necessary to accommodate increased sales volumes.

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