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Practical Sales Management Advice

Rene is available as a keynote or seminar speaker to organizations that have innovative members looking for ways to increase their sales revenue through business-to-business direct sales efforts. His Practical Sales Management Advice is well received by business owners struggling with managing their salespeople.

Jim Horan019bw“Thanks for presenting to our consultants on Patience and Urgency. Just this morning, Toni and I were debriefing on a sticky sales situation she found herself in…and we both referred to your presentation on the importance of taking a long-term perspective and being Patient!”

 Brother……keep talking the talk about The Delicate Line Between Urgency and Patience!  You are right on target…once again.
                                               Jim Horan, Author of The One Page Business Plan

John Ward“Your presentation was one of the most well-organized and sincerely presented that I have experienced.  If your audience was paying attention and applies only one of the “nuggets”, you provided, their chances of success are instantly multiplied.”
                                                 John Ward, EOS Implementor

Chip“We strive to book speakers that can communicate information that our new and senior consultants can receive value from…..I heard many comments complimenting your openness, knowledge, humor, and confidence.

                          Chip Wilson
, President – 360 Solutions


You Don’t Need a Sales Manager…You Need Sales Management!

Hiring a professional sales manager is hard to justify in most small businesses. The teams are too small, and there’s just not enough work to keep a sales manager busy.  Sales Management is usually worked by an owner, a top salesperson, or a manager from another department. In some cases, there is no oversight at all. They all have mixed results, but in most cases, the team underperforms.  Most owners don’t have the time or proven success at managing a sales team.  The most vital area of your business growth is left with little or no experienced sales leadership. It’s a dilemma.

Dream with me. Your sales team is hitting its goals month in and month out. Their sales forecast has become something you can count on like money in the bank. You know your salespeople are working on the right things at the right pace. You enjoy sales meetings, and your confidence in leading this team has risen. On top of that, it’s taking you less than 20 hours a month to lead your business growth. Would you like to learn how this could work for you?

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How the lack of effective sales management enables lower performance and the ineffective behaviors you want to change.
  • The five elements to focus on to manage your sales team while running your business.
  • How to use simple and effective planning that energizes salespeople and relieves you from constant reminders.
  • How to have salespeople enjoy coming to sales meetings prepared and engaged.
  • What to measure to improve results and how to get the information.
  • How to turn simple employee conversations into a motivational tool.
  • About an often-overlooked power you possess that has a huge impact on sales, both for the good and the bad.

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