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Sales Team Evaluation

Discover what your sales team can produce

Are you confident you have all the right people on your sales team? We evaluate your sales team to help you understand what we believe your team can produce. We get an excellent idea if your current sales team has the makeup to meet your objectives based on your current selling process, customer, the support provided, and product or service offered. We’ll also assess your sales culture to understand what’s working for and against your sales efforts.

What You’ll Get 

The individual online assessment is a state of the art sales assessment by Wiley that evaluates the following areas:

Thinking Style Behavioral Traits Top 3 Interests Sales Skills
Verbal Skills Pace Mechanical Prospecting
Verbal Reasoning Assertiveness Creative Initiating Contact
Math Skills Sociability Enterprise Building  Relationships
Math Reasoning Conformity People Service Closing the Sale
  Outlook Technical Self-Starting
  Decisiveness Financial Admin Resourcefulness
  Accommodation   Coachability
  Independence   Working With a Team

This assessment is performed online by candidates. We then generate a report and discuss the strengths and challenges of each salesperson. 

In addition, we conduct a written interview with each salesperson to understand the sales culture and disciplines currently in place at your company. A person can be more or less effective in a role based on their fit, skills, and environment. This interview is usually eye-opening for most owners as we assess the following:

  • Goals and Expectations
  • Sales Meetings
  • Leads
  • Referrals
  • CRM/Email
  • Keys to Their Success
  • System Challenges
  • Their Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Company Sales Culture
  • Suggestions To Help Improve

Try the Sales Environment Instant Assessment

Find out how productive your sales environment is. And how to improve it.

Our Philosophy

We often find that most salespeople currently employed at a company can be successful when a culture of sales accountability exists. The assessments and interviews provide us quick insights on which areas need tuning-up and how to work with each salesperson. We aim to get in step with the team and culture within the first two months to impact change that results in growth sooner than later. 

As I alluded to earlier, someone who does not belong in sales is often already known instinctively by owners, but it has been hard for our clients to make a change. Seeing why someone has not been successful in the sales role and where they might be better suited has helped some companies keep good employees in a different capacity. Of course, if there is no role for someone, we’ll provide clear expectations and support, then it is up to them to perform. If they can’t meet expectations with better support, it is usually apparent to the salesperson that this role is not for them, and we part ways.

Assessments with no action are a waste of time, but assessments with a focus and effort to improve can start positive change quickly.  

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