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How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team”

If you are tired of the ups and downs of your sales team and are ready to do something different, this management guide will put you on course. We’re letting you in on our approach with our clients to build their teams.

I don’t think you just want a burst of sales, I imagine you want a sales team that can be counted on month in and month out. This guide, “How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Sales Team,” will provide the framework to get you there. Beware, it’s not a quick fix; work is required.

Sales Management Guide Contents of the guide:

  • How to make planning easy and effective
  • How goal setting properly will improve your team’s qualifying practices
  • What needs to be considered when building your compensation plan
  • How a Sales Process should provide accountability
  • Elements to include in your job description
  • Getting people started right, what should be included in an orientation
  • How to improve your hiring practices
  • 11 ongoing management practices that keep the ball rolling

Extras at No Charge

After you confirm your request, you’ll also be provided with 85 Motivational Ideas to Increase Sales.

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Take care and remember we are here to help,

Rene Zamora

Founder, Sales Manager Now

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