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Qualifying Prospects Means Saying No to Hopeium


The definition of Hopeium is: “the irrational belief that, despite all evidence to the contrary, things will turn out for the best.” It’s a term that has made its way around society but is particularly relevant to the world of sales. Since sales people must stay positive and optimistic in the face of daily rejection and challenges, it’s only natural for them to interpret a prospects lukewarm response as “hopeful”. Rather than hearing the early “no” from the prospect, the salesperson drags on a deal in “hope” of it turning out for the best. Instead of truly qualifying prospects, Hopeium sets in.

How to Kick the Habit

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CRM usage for sales coaching

How to Use a CRM System to Boost Sales

Unless your CRM system is used wisely, you’re better off without one. Yes, that’s coming from a veteran Sales Manager who, like most other Sales Managers, is controlling and directing by nature just as an effective Sales Leader must be. Since we’re all happy with more business, let’s explore how to use a CRM system to boost your sales.

Understanding What It Is For…
When you use a CRM system as a communication tool between a Sales Manager and a Sales Rep, the purpose of the CRM is to move prospects through the sales pipeline efficiently and swiftly as reasonably possible to achieve your sales goal. To this end, it is a coaching tool. From my perspective this is it’s greatest inherent value and closest connection to winning more business.

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Recruiting the “Right” Sales Rep – Part II, Selection and Interview

In my previous blog, we discussed the critical importance of recruiting Sales Reps for your organization and the need for a consistent, continuous plan of action.  For long term growth and stability of your business, you should have a pipeline of candidates at all times in the same manner that a Sales Rep has a pipeline of prospects.  Create a healthy habit by considering the suggestions that I made previously.

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