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Noel Ledermann

what does change agent mean

Be A Change Agent

Change is Inevitable, Simple, But Not Easy. For salespeople, to change is no different for us than anyone else.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  And it is especially hard when you…

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How to Interview a Sales Candidate

Here you are again. You have a sales opening to fill and you need to know how to interview a sales candidate. So, what is your interviewing process? Are you…

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Successful Planning in sales

6 Tips for Simple and Successful Planning

plan-ning (noun) : the act or process of making plans.  Sometimes we need to go back to ‘Webster’ and look up what a word means.  My guess is most of…

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sales conversation to increase sales influence

CONVERSATIONS Increase Your Sales Influence

Communication is not just important but critical in any of our human relationships.  Whether it be with family, in a marriage, with friends or in our sales role.  Communication plays…

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sales managers responsibilities

Managing Sales Responsibilities Is Not Optional

I recently heard a speaker say that a lot of people are crazy busy.  As salespeople, with all the “busy” around sales responsibilities, it does get “crazy” and managing it…

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Customer Conflict Tool – Stop, Drop and Roll

Just about everyone is familiar with this simple fire safety technique.  Most of us learned it in elementary school, but they never told us back then it might help us…

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